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BuildMix BW 400 - Waterproofing System

BuildMix BW 400 - Waterproofing System

High performance two component polymer modified cementation acrylic waterproofing coating designed for a range of positive and negative pressure head waterproofing applications.


2 Component Cementitious


For applications in new or existing structure Can be applied on concrete or any other masonry surfaces Suitable for water storage area, swimming pools, basements, roofs, toilets walls, Water reservoirs and other immersed areas waterproofing etc.


When cured, it forms flexible membrane which gives excellent adhesion and waterproofing properties excellent resistance to frost, ageing and sea water withstands both positive and negative pressure very good crack bridging ability Very high bond strength Non toxic water vapour permeable suitable for tropical climate


15 Kg powder (Part A) /5Kg Liquid (Part B)
5 Kg powder (Part A) 1.7 liter (Part B)


Apprx 12 ft / Kg @ 1mm thickness


Complies with BS EN 14891